Friday, January 4, 2008

Faux Painting Plans for 2008

Well, it's a new year. Where did 2007 go? One desire I have is to be better at posting new blogs regularly. Since I do not merely run a faux painting business which sells tools and gives classes but I also continue to faux paint myself, it is difficult to do everything with the excellence with which I love to do so. I don't want to be critical but I do notice that some faux finishing sites that are just pages with articles written by other faux painters and filled with google ads. There are some who just want to sell tools and don't really care if they work well. That's not my intention. I use my own tools and quite honestly, I can't faux paint any other way! Believe me, I have tried. There's so much to consider in choosing tools besides cost. I plan, God willing, to tape some audio podcasts to cover some critical areas in the faux painting business.

For anyone who is reading this blog, please help a sister Please let my company know of any glitches on my site and any suggestions to make it easier to navigate.

Faux Painting Wood and Knockdown
I painted (to the glory of Jesus) some nice jobs right before the holidays in 2007 that I want to be able to share. Two of them are pictured in this blog. Faux painting on knockdown is so easy and I have a free video showing how to add a color wash to the texture in multiple colors.
Can you believe that the door is made out of cardboard? I plan by the grace of the Lord to tape a video showing how to faux paint a wood finish. Sure would love to be able to see a camera that will do the painting justice.

Happy New Year to all and may Christ show you personally how much He and our heavenly Father love you and are crazy about you. May their plans for you be fulfilled.

If you are reading this blog and need someone to pray for you, don't hesitate to write me here or at I love bringing others to the throne of God cause it brings Him great joy to intervene on behalf of those He is drawing...which is everyone!