Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Faux Paint Tub as Marble Stone

Well, praise God, the tub I faux painted as Marble Stone passed the test!
I painted this tub that was in bad shape 2 years ago and although it held up, since I painted it a solid beige, it looked boring. Since it started to chip around the drain, I decided to add some texture to it and faux paint it to look like a honed marble stone tub. I let it cure for a month and yesterday my family was down for Christmas and used it. That was going to be the test, to see if it held up to 15 people using it! Well, it did! I am so blessed cause it looks great and is functional, too. My family really liked it, too.

I will be adding a page to my website that will include a new Faux Painting DVD that I want to produce, Faux Painting Texture. I need to get the video done and ask that any believers in Jesus out there, will pray for wisdom from the Lord to produce it in a way that as always, will make it easy to learn faux painting.

Merry Christmas to all who are reading this post!


Claudia Lawrence said...

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terry lewis said...

Did you have to use any special paints or sealers for the tub

Sandra Silva said...

Dear Terry Lewis, I used a special compound that mixes with paint called Aura stone. Not sure if you can get it anymore and you have to take their class. I know that you would need to use a sealer if you don't have the stone mix but not sure if it would hold up under water. Still working on using something else that is available at the stores instead of the texture compound I used.