Monday, March 30, 2009

Changes to shipping on faux painting tools

Well here I am again. Finally! I admit I am not too good at posting blogs. Partly cause I don't know if people really read them. Being busy with a website, teaching faux painting classes, answering calls from customers, faux painting homes and experimenting with new ideas for faux painting tools, I rarely have time to post anything. The first few months of this year have already been interesting. It's amazing how the Lord guides me thru the comments made by my customers or visitors to the faux painting website I have. There's tons of them out there by the way. I'm sure if you happen to be reading this post, you know. I recently got a few comments on how my videos say "free shipping" and now I am charging for ground shipping. My response is that I did say "for a limited time" and the first faux painting videos I posted are almost 2 years old. I think 2 years is enough time to be considered "limited", don't you. The U.S. Post office just went up on shipping charges but I am only charging $3.00 for ground for up to 1 pound. I am charged average $6.50, so you figure I am paying for half. Well enough of trying to defend my prices for shipping. lol With a lot of people out of work, I would like to write and produce a "start a faux painting business" E-Book myself. I have sold one as an affiliate but I had one customer tell me she wasn't pleased with it. Things have changed and I would like to include how to start your own website in your city, too. If it were not for the internet, I would have no sales. Praise God, I finally got the patent to the Triple S Faux Painting system! Now I have been getting so many letters from companies wanted to help me market the system or manufacture them. I already have them manufactured, I just need to let the masses know. I believe in the system myself. I have told many, "I can't faux paint without my tools myself." I mean that, too. Every time I teach a faux painting class to a student and see how well their boards come out, I am convinced so much more that the Holy Spirit really gave me the idea for the tools. I am aware of one thing, though. You still have to practice with the different tools to get the system down pat. It's like playing a piano. It's easy to hit the keys with your fingers. Anyone can do that. But to make it sound good, you have to practice and learn a few things. So if you're reading this blog (please let me know, too) then you don't have anything to lose by trying it out. Right now I have a sale on a Faux Painting Combo which includes the new Faux Marble DVD that I produced. That includes a Free Faux Painting Color Suggestions and Idea E-book, too. One day faux painting will be just like regular painting in the sense that millions will know how to do it. My aim is to see the prices for the labor go down and see many companies offer it so that all homes can have the beauty of faux painted walls in them. God bless!

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