Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NEW! Send questions about your faux finishing project

We get calls with questions concerning particular faux finishing topics like what faux painting techniques are best to use on certain walls, what colors should be used, etc.  So I decided to add a section on my website where customers can submit their questions.  I really do like taking the time to answer as many questions as possible.  I appreciate all my customers and have a sincere desire to see them succeed in their decorative painting projects or careers.

I realize that getting quick answers is critical these days with lives being so busy.  Patience is not a virtue that many seek, either.  So I apologize if my website has many pages and is in any way difficult to navigate.  Constructive criticism is always welcomed. If you feel I can make the site easier, please feel free to give me your suggestions.  Especially if you find any broken links or 404 Not Found pages, too.

So go to this page where you can click on a link to send me a letter with your questions or comments. 

If I decide to post the question, I will not include any personal information and you can always leave off your last name, too.

Although I cannot promise to answer immediately, I will make time to do so within a few days.  If you want to send me a letter, please know that I value your privacy and will never sell your email address to anyone.  You can read our privacy letter by clicking here: 

I have tons of information about many different aspects of faux painting on my website and on this blog. In addition, you can find more areas of discussion on my Facebook page, too.  

I have also made a video answering the 3 most popular questions about faux painting that I get.

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