Thursday, April 13, 2017

Removing rust from metal shed before painting faux wood finish

This metal shed was rusted badly and we decided to remove the rust first before adding our faux wood finish to it.

We wanted to avoid using toxic chemicals so we used baking soda mixed with lemon juice. We applied it to the rust with a chip brush and then let it dry overnight.

Then we took a wet abrasive sponge and began using some elbow juice to remove the rust. We were quite impressed at how the rust came off.

Here's the video we made showing the steps we used. We will post in another blog, the video and steps to add the faux wood finish to the shed.

Removing the rust off the shed first will add the extra durability to the faux bois (french for fake wood). Hope this helps any of our customers who need to remove rust from surfaces before adding the base coat for faux finish.