Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Faux painting samples by customers

These are just a few samples of pictures and letters I have been blessed with to receive from customers who have bought the patented (7472450) faux painting system the Lord gave me. To view larger image, click on pictures.

My sister and I had an opportunity to fnally use the Triple S Faux in December. It made our job incredibly easy. I'll definitely be using it on more projects.      


Hi Sandra,

I ordered your painting tools and DVD in order to redo my daughters living room walls.  She had her heart set on the old world parchment look with lots of veins. I have never done any faux painting before but your web site made it look so easy that I gave it a try!
I prayed and prayed that I would be able to make her walls look nice.  Well I am so excited to tell you that IT WORKED!!!
Everyone loves it and my daughter says " mom I catch myself walking upstairs just to look at my pretty walls" !  I look at the painting on the walls and am truely amazed that I did it! Your little poofy pads and palette are wonderful!! I feel so lucky that I found your web site!

I can create all these different faux looks and never fail to be amazed that I did it!  Your video shows exactly what to do,step-by-step. After watching it and practicing on posterboards for about half a day, I was able to paint my first amazing wall! So many people who see my work, want me to do painting for them! I'm still learning but am having fun while I do!
I feel that I have started a profitable career for the price of  $39.99!  Also thanks for being there to answer questions and give suggestions.  You are great and your Triple S faux-painting system is wonderful!

Thank you,
God bless you,

Hey!  Just wanted to say thanks so much for your wonderful products, we'll be doing another order here again soon.  Attached are some pics of what we've been doing around the house if you can use them.  God bless and thank you so much for honoring Him with your work and website!


On January 3rd, 2008 I put my house up for sale.  My neighbor had a couple staying with him whose house burned down 2 months before.  They were not looking to buy at the time, but saw my house and “HAD TO HAVE IT”!

2 months later, they were unable to get financing, so I had an “Open Hose” on a Saturday in March.  3 couple came to look at my house and I had a contract on Monday.  Again, 2 months later, no financing.  This happened for 9 months (4 contracts), Open House…Contract on Monday…No Financing..  Even the couple that I bought the house from 6 years before wanted to buy it back.  Finally, a single women with a large down payment (25%), a good job and a better credit score saw my house and told me she loved everything I did and (again) “had to have it”.
(She bought it for the asking price)

The brickwork in both houses was done with your “Faux Painting Kit”.  After taping off the bricks, I used the “Multi Color Faux Palette” for different color reds, and used the “Poofy Pad” the blend it.

I believe that the painting helped sell my house…

I’ve attached more pix to put in your article (website).



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Will looking for faux painting ideas for my kitchen said...

great blog, love the work in the pics, im just looking for some faux painting ideas, keep up the great blogging.

thanks, Will

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