Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Progress - Faux Painting projects, contd.

French doors with faux wood finish 
Faux Wood DVD 
A got a request to faux paint another double garage door and a set of french doors. It couldn't have come at a better time since I am working on the Faux Wood DVD that I pray, by the grace of God, will be available this year.  As with any job, there are always new challenges.  I had never did a faux wood finish on french doors with oval glass fixtures in them.  I am so glad that I have not limited myself to using the wood graining tools that you have to rock to get the grain. With the limitation of space, I would never have been able to get the tool to work.  

Working in the sun was not too bad at this time of year, early February.  The last time I faux painted doors like wood, it was in the late summer and it was a killer.  I realized while doing that job that using the flat brushes to get the grain was not working either. The main reason being that the sun was drying out the glaze about 2 minutes after applying it!  There was zilch open time. I was getting a blotchy look, too. Although real wood has a variety of darks and lights, the rich look of mahogany or beech wood was being lost.  I admit that I was overwhelmed with the predicament to finish the job with excellence, yet not take days to fix the problem of the blotchiness. So as usual, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, I prayed and asked for wisdom and HELP.  God is so good...He answered as usual.  

To my amazement and delight, I achieved the faux wood finish using just the Multi Color Faux Palette and Poofy Pad; hitting the edges with a chip brush.  I even added the grain and knots with the Poofy Pad.  God does work all things for good to those who love Him, even non-calculated decorative painting  

So with this last job, I finished in record time.  Both the double doors and double french doors were done in one day.  Of course I am referring to the time spent with the faux finishing technique, not including the additional time to base coat paint the surfaces with environmental friendly paint.  

Unfortunately, with this great discovery, I have to add an additional video section to the DVD that shows how to faux paint doors in the sun as opposed to what I have filmed for painting cabinets or inside doors.  In addition, since some people like a lot of heavy looking grains or knots in their faux wood, I am praying about a new tool that the Lord gave me, to achieve this without the difficulty of using the wood graining tool that exists....even if it does


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Exterior Painting said...

This is looking gorgeous. The exterior painting and the door painting has made it perfect.

Lee Cusano said...

Garage doors look nice. With that brick the curb appeal is probably up there with the best of homes.